We have spent the early part of this winter catching up with last year’s activity, and putting together a number of ramps in the most popular sizes for this year. (Aside from moving snow round and round the yard, that is.) Stocking ahead worked well for us last year, making it easier to fill spring orders on time. We are continuing that practice.  New for this year is our Rod and Loop hinge. Designed for heavy duty use, the stainless steel construction guarantees long life. Flexibility is easily adjusted by varying the length of the loop. The maximum rod size is 1 3/8″. We are anxiously awaiting mud season, so we can get to the real work.

Archie Cox Bucks Harbor_swThis recent completion is our steel-framed, wood-planked construction using Corten and Stainless Steel for the core of the pier. Please note the arch style ramp, our Special Line model, and double float system. This entire project was designed, permitted, fabricated and installed by Dock Works, Inc.